Should I install Windows 11 version 22H2 on my PC?

But if you have hardware that’s still good, it’s always better for the environment and our wallets not to consume more than necessary. Of course, you can get a new computer and install Windows 11 on it — chances are it already comes with Windows 11 — the way Microsoft would love you to do, and I have nothing against it. Make an image using drive cloning software — I’d recommend Macrium Reflect. The other three files need to be in the same folder, but you won’t need to do anything about them. For this post, I created a folder called Win11 on the computer’s desktop. The steps below work with Windows 11 version 21H2 and earlier. It will not work with the latest release, version 22H2.

  • I have set the Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections as metered for it not to upgrade.
  • Microsoft has released several patches, but some bugs remain unresolved.
  • For instance, a software installed in your system may want to know the total physical memory installed.

Version 21H1, called the Windows 10 May 2021 Update, is the most recent update to Windows 10. This is a relatively minor update, but it does have a few new features. This build adds the Open on hover option to the News and interests menu. To access it, right-click a blank space on the Windows taskbar and open the News and interests menu. The build also includes more than 1,400 new mobile device management policies. With them, you can configure policies that Group Policies also support.

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Every major new version of an operating system comes with new versions of core apps for email, calendar, photos, mapping, and more. But with Windows 10, you might actually want to use these core apps, because the updated versions of them vkernel32.dll are actually quite good. The Mail and Calendar apps have been completely overhauled with new interfaces and features. They borrow a lot of ideas and design from Microsoft’s very highly rated Outlook app on iOS, and support a variety of email and calendar services. Threaded conversations, easy ways to delete or archive mail, and gesture controls make the new Mail app fast and efficient to use. The Windows 10 Feature Update would download in 25 minutes in a perfect world, then install within 10 to 15 minutes. This might be the case for many users, but it won’t be smooth sailing for other users.

  • You’ll find this next to an icon that resembles a set of tools.
  • This advanced, automated method lessens the time and effort involved with installing version 21H2.
  • But while Windows 11 does introduce some welcome improvements, many are so subtle you probably won’t notice them unless you’re specifically looking.
  • Upgrade to Windows 11 if you want the latest features — Windows 11 does bring in some great new features, and Windows 10 isn’t going to get most, if not all of them.

Microsoft introduced the registry back in Windows 3.1, but it was initially used only for certain types of software. In the Windows 3.1 era, Windows applications frequently stored settings in .INI configuration files that were scattered across the OS. The registry can now be used by all programs, and it helps bring together the settings that would otherwise be scattered in many different locations across the disk.

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Windows 10 sucks mainly because of its forced automatic updates. In the old versions of the Windows operating system, the update was optional. That is, you can decide if you automatically update your system or don’t want an update. Restart this device as soon as possible when a restart is required to install updates. Toggle this option on to restart Windows immediately when it is required to complete an update. You will not be notified if you want to restart your computer. Software updates for device drivers include the latest patches for security flaws meaning that the newest version of the driver is always going to be the safest one to use.