Almost Everything You Need to Know About SQL Server 2014

These individuals perform database administration and maintenance as their primary area of responsibility, or work in environments where databases play a key role in their primary job. At the very least, you could let them continue developing on 2019, but automate scripting their objects to a 2014 instance. You can’t do this with backup/restore or detach/attach, but there are plenty of ways to transfer objects/data to an older version. You’d also have to run all of the code, because some problems won’t crop up until runtime. Columnstore Indexes is another powerful feature to get faster query responses in tables like Data Warehouse tables.

There are many other additional features packed into SQL Server 2014. If you haven’t looked into what SQL Server 2014 has to offer yet, then you should at least download the white papers and look at the other reference material available. If you have more time I’d suggest you install CTP1 and start testing out the new features it has to offer. Microsoft has increased the performance of the SELECT INTO statement. They have done this by allowing the SELECT INTO to perform parallel operations when inserting rows into a table. SQL Server 2014 will now allow you to extend the memory SQL Server uses by using nonvolatile random access memory to greatly improve I/O throughput.

Changes in SQL Server Tools

In such case, SQL Server chooses the plan that is expected to yield the results in the shortest possible time. This is called query optimization and is performed by the query processor itself. The In-Memory OLTP allows you to move individual tables to unique in-memory structures.

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For a while SQL Server has had a method to automatically update statistics when the database engine feels they are out of date. With the introduction of SQL Server 2014 Microsoft has made enhancements to the algorithm that determines when statistics are out of date. This means that statistics will be invalidated sooner, which will lead to the triggering of the update statistics process. By updating statistics more often SQL Server will be able to create better optimized query plans. Microsoft SQL Server is an enterprise database server that is the cornerstone of modern business applications and is in the center of the business processes of many leading organizations.

What’s new in SQL Server 2014

It offers a comprehensive set of tools that you can use to build reliable, scalable, and secure applications. The SQL Server Machine Learning service is a powerful platform for machine learning and data analysis. It allows users to conduct data science and machine learning without having to move data around, and it’s a place where you can store machine learning models to be scored against future data. A trained machine learning model can be stored inside a database and used for scoring.

Natively Compiled Stored Procedures with SQL Server 2014 – Database Journal

Natively Compiled Stored Procedures with SQL Server 2014.

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The most talked about and most awaited feature of SQL Server 2014 is most undoubtedly the new In-Memory OLTP engine, internally called Hekaton. It was announced at PASS 2012 and was warmly welcomed by the industry. Grants Connect permission for users on Databases that may be created in future.

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This does not include other permissions, just the ability to connect to any sql server 2014 new features for dba in the system. Columnstore indexes is another card in the suite of high-performance technologies that use in-memory processing. The new estimation logic which was designed for the cardinality estimator has improved the quality of the query execution plans and thus has a direct impact on the performance of queries.