What is Glamourpuss Definition?

Found the momentum at the 2015 on the launched of Glaourpuss book by Sarah Weeks and illustration by David Small, the glamourpuss definition comes to understanding of many people, eventually. Not that we are longing for it, but finding the interesting new vocabulary especially in the book dedicated for young age is very refreshing. Written in sophisticated language and filled with enchanting story of cat and dog legendary rivalry, this book has its own character to bring the youth to feel driven by the book and learn from it. The Glamourpuss book captures the lavish old Hollywood lifestyle of Glamourpuss owner who happens to have a sister coming for a visit. The visit was expected to be nice where Glamourpuss would have the attention, steals the heart, and make everyone fall for her. But problem unexpectedly comes from the pet of the owner’s sister, which is a puppy name Bluebelle.

Bluebelle is very tacky and eventually set the fiery competition between the two. Now back on to the word glamourpuss itself. It doesn’t come just by glamour and puss, which means lavish life and a cat. Glamourpuss definition is physically attractive woman who is very interested on her appearance, especially on clothing. While more general definition says it is just a way to describe a very attractive woman. Nevertheless, the meaning of glamourpuss has lived among us and being used more actively on the book.

We can see the possible misunderstanding on the calling. In some ways, glamourpuss can be taken in a very less kids – friendly way. Adultery perspective in casual talk sees glamourpuss definition as a woman or a girl that is sexually interesting or, that the face and gesture happen to indicate the physical satisfaction men could feel. This meaning can be tricky to explain to kids, who are the audience of the book. The guidance and good example is needed.