The Trend of Glamourpuss Clothing

We cannot really say when the glamourpuss clothing find its momentum to catch the eye of many people but if we may suggest, the rise of the Sarah Weeks book, might be one of the trigger. The book is indeed children friendly, but the pink striking color and shinning cover would surely invite anyone to at least having a quick look of what it is. Indeed the book has nothing to do with urban definition of glamourpuss, but we can suggest that it gives additional momentum to the rise of the concept. After all, we are allowed to assume and find the best logical answer, aren’t we?

The glamourpuss itself in urban definition are taken into two different perspectives. One is the most general understanding of what is glamourpuss. Glamourpuss is a concept that is being used to express the admiration toward a very attractive girl or woman. Glamourpuss is a casual way to say someone is really interesting, which is still acceptable in general speaking, but then the rather adult perspective of the word of glaomurpuss is defined as a girl or woman who is attractive in sexual way and in a way make the other fellow men feels physically attracted. This leads to the definition of glamourpuss clothing. We acknowledge that the brand exist and it is possible that the fashion line carrying the name doesn’t have anything to do with urban definition, but glamourpuss clothes are really into the soft cat fur alike material that is so soft and can be a bit playful.

Glamourpuss clothing seems to be in a soft furry department but bring most of the fashion icons especially winter appropriate clothing like muffler, jacket, sweater, gloves, scarf, blazer, ponco, dress, and even winter hat. The combination of furry material indeed makes the glamourpuss words more popular.