Glamourpuss Comedy In Arise

Hested by Krystyna Hutchinson and Wendi Starling, the Glamourpuss Comedy in New York City offers you more than just a comedy. A reviewer told us that more than just a comedy, Kryntyna Hutchinson and Wendi Starling come up on stage to bring story, character, sketches, and even songs to make the comedy has its own soul and be the full experiences for the audiences. Another way, some says that glamourpuss show which is hosted by the two attractive ladies is seen to start the business as a way to tell the jokes while prancing around with frilly dress and wigs. Well that is not wrong at all. And why is that not?

The glamourpuss itself can be taken as a girl who is very attractive and has a big interest on her appearance especially on clothing. This gives the pass for the frilly dress on Glamourpuss Comedy. Fashion has always be the part of this concept even before the concept itself being used more vividly in casual way. While for the wig, if the same answer works, we can take it that as much as girl care about the appearance, they would try to hide what is not in time yet to be embraced, and sometimes it is hair. Wig is part of the self confidence thriving. Moreover, on the banner, Glamourpuss is Comedy, Variety, Booze and Wigs. Regardless of the reason, it is fun to see the comedy that is not just about the jokes but also theatrically pleasing.

Glamourpuss comedy has grown into stellar showcase and getting to the stage of infamous Zinc Bar in New York City packed with not just the two ladies, but also Naomi Ekperigin, Corinne Fisher, and Mike Recine. Names are in line, but best experience gives you enough to enjoy and come back.