Glamourpuss Book Review

Sassy name, a glamourpuss book, isn’t it? As a book for kids, glamorouspuss is a very interesting book which is basically a fable, means a story that is told in the perspective of animals as they are the “person” who plays the role in the book. This fact is already supporting the audience of the book itself which is for kids. Kids are found to be less interested to read books, therefore the interesting approach of books through the material being brought is important. Glamourpuss which is written by Sarah Weeks and illustrated by David Small sparks the interest of young pupils to see the book and continue to read it. But apart from the eye striking cover and the cute title, what is this glamourpuss all about? Is it really kids – oriented book?

Described by Sarah Weeks herself, Glamourpuss book talks about Puss (a cat, surely) who likes to be the center of attention. She likes to pose and she has the charm to awe everyone who sees her. She knows how to make people adore her and do her favors yet she is in some ways vulnerable for not enjoying anyone steals the spotlight, which happens when the sister of her owner comes and bring along a cute puppy. Puss found out it is not only that she is afraid of sharing the attention, but also that the puppy is so tacky. The complication starts and surely refreshing to read the competition of these two most adorable pets.

Glamourpuss book strikes the hilarious story of competitions with combination of specific character of Puss herself, the puppy, and everyone around the rivalry of the two. For the kids, pink glossy cover adds one point to sparks the interest and apparently not only kids friendly, this book is also recommended for teenagers.