The Success of Cerebrus and Aardvark–Vanaheim

Has anyone heard of Aadvark–Vanaheim? Well, that can be answered just based on the face to whom the question is being directed. Young people these days would find the name rather odd and unusual and maybe imagine a character of a movie or books, but that could be true! While the generation before knowing the Aadvark – Vanaheim as a mid level publisher of comic books and stories and anthologies that came into fame by 1977. This mid level publisher was founded in 1977 by two talented artist and writer: David Sim and Deni Loubert. The two are known very well after publishing Sim’s famous Cerebrus comic book that was inspired by Sim’s girlfriend. The drawing has never been published before and eventually being self published by David Sim and Deni Loubert via their newly founded Aadvark – Vanaheim publisher.

Aadvark–Vanaheim is also known as its self published fame. In that era, as an illustrator or a writer of comic book, when you have character that you create and you want it to be published massively, you need to go to the publisher such as Marvel, D.C, or Archie and give them the whole copy rights of your drawing, character, and story to them. Those companies will since then own the ownership of the ideas. You get the money and get to see the story published, but cannot accuse the copyrights of the story anymore. Only some publishers like Pacific and Charlton, which let the writer, keeps the copy rights.

Aadvark–Vanaheim had its own momentum, yet after the success of Cerebrus and some reprinted titles and anthologies, the company collapse and all the rights of reprinting went to Renegade Press. The name of Aadvark – Vanaheim is actually given as option from David Sim’s girlfriend’s brothers yet he chose to keep both.